Sustainability &

Energy & Sustainability

We focus on designing high-performance buildings that work with the earth’s resources instead of against them thereby reducing the environmental impact of buildings over their entire life cycle whilst optimizing their economic viability and the comfort and safety of their occupants.

In order to ensure low and zero carbon design we explore geothermal heating, natural ventilation, photovoltaics, solar thermal collectors, daylighting, wind towers, microturbines, automatic light controls, and CHP systems, assessing their initial and long-term costs, aesthetics, and environmental benefits.

Core Services

Thermal Modelling

This consist of the following:

This analysis is conducted to understand the impact of incident radiation falling on the building façade and optimize it to reduce heat ingress in the space.

To optimize the shading and performance of building façade and envelope.

To orient the building in the best direction so as to reduce heat gain and enhance the building performance.

Prediction of daylight within the building to assess and optimize glare-free light distribution.

External Building CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics provides insight into solving complex problems, and allows us the ability to test the effects of wind flow on their designs.

Energy Strategies

The production of an Energy Strategy is often at planning stage of the project and entails the calculation of energy use of the building design and showing building improvements in design to meet prescribed planning targets for carbon and energy reduction and / or provision of renewable technologies

Calculation of buildings heating and cooling load as per CIBSE standards

Estimation of project’s energy consumption.

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