KPM offers a wide range of Structural Engineering Services including analysis and design of structures, Seismic retrofitting, construction administration, evaluations and reports. We have designed concrete, steel, timber and composite buildings. Over the years we have also been involved in the design of many earthquake resistant, extreme load & wind-sensitive structures.

Our engineers have designed structures with all types of materials and systems for an array of purposes and client needs. We have worked on projects of varying scale and complexity, applying best practices to develop designs that are cost effective, efficient and sustainable.

KPM’s core strength is found in interpreting and implementing multiple design codes around the world: ASCE-7, UBC, IBC, ACI, EUROCODES, ASIAN CODES and Indian Standards. We have experience in different site conditions varying from the volcanic silts found in South East Asia, the Arabian sand, the conglomerate in South America, the London clay to the Luxembourg sandy gravel.

All our engineers have a vast international exposure and having worked with the best engineering international practices do bring added value to your design board.

Tall Buildings

Structural design of tall buildings is as much an art as it is an analytical experience. Our team of specialist high-rise engineers focus on designing constructible, efficient, cost effective and safe tall buildings by utilizing latest design techniques, wind load factors, computer applications, and proven engineering concepts.

These buildings demand extensive understanding of the minutest detail of the building, as it enlarges to the scale of the structure and affects in the design.

Therefore extensive understanding of structure and sophisticated analysis methods are employed such as Dynamic Earthquake Analysis, Construction Sequence Analysis, Column / Wall shortening analysis, Diaphragm Connectivity analysis to study all major and minor parameters before design. We ensure strict adherence to the defined high rise regulations of the geographies we are working in to ensure requisite local approvals. And also employ performance-based design methodologies when prevailing building codes are inapplicable or inadequate.

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