Sonali Rane

Commerce Graduate

Bids & Commercial Manager

Sonali serves as Bids & Commercial Manager and has been managing the client end for KPM. She has been leading introduction and implementation of all necessary bid procedures, governance, and processes independently. Sonali plays a highly networked role that requires an ability to work on contractual, commercial and technical aspects of RFPs and projects. Ensuring that the bids are successful and meeting client’s expectations at the same time motivates her. Commercial awareness, business acumen, stamina, statistical analysis are her key assets.

Exploring numerous details while being with KPM for over 8 years, Sonali has developed her passion and flair for creativity. Her innovative thinking has helped KPM to present and thrive in the global market. It is the sense of belonging and perseverance has led her to be part of a brilliant team that is aspiring to achieve great heights in building industry.

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