Digital Twin & Smart Buildings

KPM is leading a transformation in the way the global construction and real estate industries view Smart Buildings, from merely using technology to coordinate management of day-to-day operations of existing premises to one that delivers a step-change in time and cost savings, as well as operational efficiencies, over the entire building life-cycle.

A real-time analytics platform to boost building performance & user experience. Our platform connects owners with their Assets and assists FM teams to manage these Assets efficiently.

Smart Buildings

Typically, when people think of smart buildings, their thoughts drift to shrinking carbon footprints, lowering building and labour costs, and of course the biggie: dramatically reducing energy usage. KPM understands that more than smart, a smart building should be transformative and intuitive. A smart building uses its intelligence to collect actionable data from user devices, sensors, systems, and services on the premises. At KPM we apply that data using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to make the building both programmable and responsive to the needs of the users and the building manager. KPM’s main focus is on better resource management and more sustainable outcomes, both physically and financially.

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