Building Information modeling(BIM) has changed the way developers, architects, engineers, contractors and consultants work together.

BIM is a standard process at KPM for developing design. Our BIM model encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components. It helps us manage building data during its life cycle & present our design intent more accurately. We are capable to include cost, program management and asset management within BIM. Benefits we are bringing with BIM:

Integrated Design

Design of modern buildings demand careful collaboration amongst the various design teams involved in the engineering of a building. Our One Team approach between structural and building services engineers using BIM as a platform helps our Structural designers to meet architectural and client ambitions while still satisfying MEP requirements.

The Integrated approach and design helps us promote effective collaboration, improve coordination and enhance visualization and communication throughout planning, design and construction. It helps us resolve interdisciplinary conflicts in turn resulting in saving cost & time and ensuring safety & constructability at site.

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