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We are a team of specialists from many disciplines applying best practices and innovation to turn good ideas into workable solutions to help our clients make life changing improvements to our world.

Napoleón De la Colina

Napoleón, a master in civil engineering with more than 25 years of experience and 162 successful projects is a specialist in Earthquake resistant structures and Seismic Retrofitting.

With his Spanish roots and global experience, Napoleon brings a wealth of engineering expertise and design practices from around the world to KPM as an accredited Head of Our Structural Engineering Practice.

His insights into ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems applied to consultancy have tremendously helped KPM to build world class quality standards and systems.

Napoleón strongly believes that KPM’s vision of innovative designing and passion for perfection can be achieved by energizing and motivating the team, adopting new technology supplemented by excellent communication, collaboration & active engagement with clients.

Other Projects by Napoleón

  • Oshiwara Tower

  • Akoya

  • Meraasland

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